RIO 2016 - Olympic Games: to boo or not to boo
(Rio de Janeiro, BR Press) - Boos have been a constant sound at Rio Olympics competing with the “carioca funk” hit Baile da Favela (“Favela’s Ball” or “Shanty Town’s Ball”), as Brazilians are used to boo – specially politicians.
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RIO 2016 - Kohei Uchimura defeated (only) by Pokémon Go
(Rio de Janeiro, BR Press) - Olympic Japanese Kohei Uchimura has conquered two golds, but was charged a US$4,900 mobile bill because of the game fever.
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RIO 2016 - A Girl from City of God wins Brazil's first gold medal
(Rio de Janeiro, BR Press) - Meet judoka Rafaela Silva, symbol of the fight against prejudice, poverty and lack of opportunity that has lifted Rio 2016.
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RIO 2016 - Com altos e baixos, ginástica brasileira encanta Comaneci
(Rio de Janeiro, BR Press) - No ano em que se completam 40 anos que eterna campeã romena ganhou o mundo com cinco medalhas na Olimpíada de Montreal, Nadia fala de Flavia Saraiva e Rebeca Andrade, da supremacia americana, de Simone Biles e, claro, do fiasco da ginástica da Romênia na Rio 2016.
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RIO 2016 - Shooting stars from India and Brazil face financial and health difficulties to keep competing
(Rio de Janeiro, BR Press) - Brazilian-Chinese Felipe Wu conquered a silver medal and will compete with Prakash Nanjappa on the 50m air pistol category.
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RIO 2016 STARS - Michael Phelps swims for more than medals
(Rio de Janeiro, BR Press) - Greatest medalist of all Olympic Games, American swimmer seeks to add to record total of 18 individual golds: “It's about so much more than medals”.
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RIO 2016 - Gisele Bündchen: ‘We are hard working people’
(Rio de Janeiro, BR Press) - In an emotional text partly published on the über model’s social media, Gisele spoke on how she felt as the Brazilian who “has stolen the party’s attention” as The Telegraph described.
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RIO 2016 - Deborah Colker: 'I love people'
(Rio de Janeiro, BR Press*) - Brazil's most celebrated choreographer on Rio2016 opening ceremony: “The expectation lights a fire under me. We [more than 6,000 volunteers] are working with a lot of passion.”
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HOCKEY - ‘Everyone in India wants us to win in Rio’, says Sardar Singh
(Rio de Janeiro, BR Press) - Mad about hockey. This is how one the of India’s most popular players, Sardar Singh, described the country’s passion by one of the most ancient Olympic sports that will finally have its South American spree in Rio 2016.
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RIO 2016 - City of God director on the opening ceremony: ‘A unique experience’
(Rio de Janeiro, BR Press) - While carrying the Olympic Torch, Fernando Meirelles says: “I have never done anything on this scale, and will never do so again in my life”.
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