RIO 2016 - Sakshi Malik washes India's soul
(Rio de Janeiro, BR Press) - Brazilian Wrestling Master Champion in 2015 Marcos de Sousa stresses “how important, inspiring and empowering are women Olympic victories, such as Malik’s, to girls all over the world”.
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RIO 2016 - Brazilian surf and skate legends speak on sports approved for Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games
(Rio de Janeiro, BR Press) - That’s why our reporters have decided to catch up with both sports Brazilian legends: skater Bob Burnquist and surfer Rico de Souza.
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RIO 2016 - To Biles or not to Biles?
(Rio de Janeiro, BR Press) - There is no need to win medals to win a nation’s hearts as India’s Dipa Karmakar and Brazil’s Flavia Saraiva have proven so.
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RIO 2016 - Brazil women’s football captain Marta says that penalty ’is like a lottery’
(Rio de Janeiro, BR Press) - The coach Vadão lamented that the women’s team has not ended up with a golden medal – in his opinion the only way to keep the female football improving in Brazil
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RIO 2016 - Neymar finally dominates against truculent Colombians
(São Paulo, BR Press) - Brazil have never won Olympic gold at football but both the men's and women's sides have reached the semi-final stage of Rio 2016.
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RIO 2016 - Lalita Babar qualifies for the finals in an historical race
(Rio de Janeiro, BR Press) - She is the first Indian woman to reach track final in Olympics since PT Usha in 1984 while Ethiopia's Diro finishes steeplechase with just one shoe.
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RIO 2016 - Is Sachin Tendulkar lobbying for cricket inclusion in the Olympics?
(Rio de Janeiro, BR Press) - Sachin Tendulkar might have come to Rio not just for supporting Indian athletes but also to campaign to push cricket into the 2024 Olympic Games.
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RIO 2016 - Who is ‘pica power’ Monica Puig?
Monica Puig Marchán has written her name in sports history. Moreover, Puig became the first woman ever to win a medal for Puerto Rico at the Olympic Games
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RIO 2016 - Usain Bolt: ‘Kinda sluggish’ towards 'triple-triple'
(Rio de Janeiro, BR Press) - On Sunday night (August 14th) Bolt ended winning the 100m in 9.81 seconds and completing the first part of his bid for an unprecedented “tripe-triple” in Rio 2016.
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RIO 2016 - Diego Hypólito é prata para o Brasil
(Rio de Janeiro, BR Press*) - ‘Em Pequim, caí de bunda. Em Londres, de cara. Hoje, caí de pé’, diz ginasta brasileiro sobre lavar a alma na Rio 2016.
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